Organics & Sustainability

Cambridge Landscape is committed to a holistic, eco-friendly, and sustainable approach to landscape and tree care. We understand the importance of investing in alternative sources of energy, the use of energy-efficient technologies, and pioneering new, innovative, and environmentally-conscientious industry practices. We offer organic-based landscape maintenance options to our clients and we have implemented a number of sustainability initiatives designed to minimize our impact on the environment.

Green Equipment

Our use of green vehicles began in 2009 with the first purchase in the United States of a hybrid-engine 75-foot aerial lift tree truck. A year later, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts acknowledged Cambridge Landscape as an industry leader in sustainability and issued a grant to purchase a second hybrid tree truck. At one time, our fleet boasted the largest number of hybrid bucket trucks in the country.

We continue to replace full diesel-engine tree trucks with vehicles that consume 40% less fuel than older counterparts. Our gas-powered riding mowers are being replaced with more energy-efficient, quieter and faster propane-fired mowers.

Our backpack leaf blowers meet the stringent EPA emission standards and approval of several municipalities with leaf blower noise ordinances. These blowers minimize noise pollution and carbon emissions, while maximizing energy-efficiency.

Our managers, sales associates and estimators use hybrids, producing a 35% reduction in fuel consumption.

Our Facility & Recycling Practices

  • Our garage is outfitted with a waste oil heat burner which recycles waste oil and reduces the amount of hazardous material disposed
  • Both our garage and offices are equipped with energy-efficient, motion-sensor lighting fixtures
  • Our mechanic shops use gas-fired, radiant heat
  • We ship our wood chips and yard waste to a composting facility
  • We recycle our asphalt waste
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